A Report on Carew & Company

Nature blessed us with so many things; one of those is fermentation process, a very primitive but smart and fundamental process of biological system. Fermentation, to make sense, is a metabolic process in which an organism (usually microbes) converts a carbohydrate, such as starch or sugar, into an alcohol or an acid. Fermentation of ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) from molasses is one of the oldest technologies of its kind, and it is now widely used to produce alcoholic beverages all over the world.Billions of yeasts restlessly working for breaking molasses into ethanol and carbon-di-oxide (CO2) through the process of fermentation.

In Bangladesh, Carew & Company Limited (at Darshana, Chuadanga) utilizes this process for producing alcohol (precisely, ethyl alcohol); and further they used this alcohol for producing various types of distilled alcoholic beverages by fractional distillation. Unlike fermentation, distillation is an artificial process by which mixture of different liquids can be separated based on boiling point. Fermentation process in Carew and Company is carried out by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. At least, four types of spirit i.e., rectified spirit, denatured spirit, extra-neutral alcohol and country spirit, are produced by this industry; they also produce nine foreign liquors (Gold Riband Gene, Yellow Label Malted Whisky, Tsarina Vodka, Fine Brandy, Imperial Whisky, Old Rum, Rosa Rum, Orange Crackao and Cherry Brandy). At present, they are the only leading company of alcoholic beverages since the year of 1938 in Bangladesh.

Besides alcoholic beverages production, they are intended to open some other projects such as sugar mill, biofertilizers, fish feed production, bottle manufacturing. Although, Carew & Company is the leading company in Bangladesh, it has some limitations in case of waste managements, safety management, manual handling etc., which is now very important in consideration of environmental pollution. By overcoming this situation and turning their industry to the automation, there would be no competitor in the production of alcoholic beverages.

To download and read the whole report click here. Good luck!


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