Slaughtering of Biological Diversity

One of the most fascinating events ever happened in the universe is the origin of life. The emerging of life could be sudden but its continuity was the most difficult task. The journey of life might not possible if the nature and environment didn’t support it. But the real story was little bit different because nature has some laws that can’t be compromised while life is a part of nature and of course guided by those laws of nature. Therefore, life had to play hide and seek with nature or to modify them to be existed in nature. The continuous modification of lives and systems for better chance of survival is evolution. Evolution, thus, gave birth diversity to life and biological system. More precisely, biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth at its all levels, from genes to ecosystems; and ecological and evolutionary processes that sustain it.

This strong chemistry between life and nature indicates the weight of nature on life and vice-versa. Being the wisest ape, we know how important the biodiversity is. It provides foods, shelter, water, fuel even medicine to us. Ecosystem, for example, provides services like pollination, dispersal of seed, climate regulation, water purification, nutrient cycling. Therefore loss of biodiversity have an adverse effect on life, ecosystem, even the whole planet. We know that Earth always experienced changes and extinctions through the course of evolution but the current changes are occurring at an unprecedented rate. The most sobering fact is, human activity is the main reason of this accelerated rate of biodiversity loss. Over the last century, humans have come to dominate the world and greatly altered the ecosystems and that’s contained within; thereby Earth is undergoing a massive loss of biodiversity. In our locality, for instance, most of the people earn their livelihood by pisciculture (i.e., prawn culture). Prawns are very prone to be affected by pathogenic virus, bacteria or fungus there. In recent years, it’s very difficult to make profit from prawn culture. So they have started to use harmful chemical and poison during unproductive time to reduce or kill the pathogens thereby making more profits. However, this could manage the target pathogens along with the beneficials though. In the following year, pathogens became resistant to those poison, so they had to use more powerful poison and the battle continues.

One morning, I went to our regionally famous pond (called “gher” locally) and found something touchy. The battle between human and other forms of life was very shocking there. Sometimes this battle may increase our own vulnerability by their mighty power, the resistance. Using the poisons and insecticides to instantly satisfy our greed, push the small aquatic ecosystem and its tiny creatures to a dangerous path. The lives I am talking about are sponges, snails, clams, mussels, all our distant sea relatives (we are genetically linked); those help to balance our global nursery, nature. Everything in nature must have role to play (i.e., sponges regulate and filtrate water; and mussels make habitat more suitable for them and others therefore considered as ecosystem engineer) but we drive them to the gusty road by our active cruelty and insanity too. Unfortunately, they didn’t have knowledge to realize the real hazards of these poisonous chemical. Some photos of that battleship, I have taken from our locality almost one year ago (12th January 2015), is provided for the better picture.




When I saw this, I convinced my father to think another way. I suggest him to use bio-fertilizer and a blend of beneficial bacteria (sold in our local market as “PROBIOTICS”). The result was slow but effective. This can be a better solution to overcome those pathogenic activity and killing the friendly microflora. However, this kind of slaughtering of nature and lives can be seen from every corner of the world with various perspectives like destruction of plant resources for habitats or arable lands etc.  In reality, humans are betraying nature’s nourishment with their knowledge of ignorance. Is it our urge necessity to suck the environment to the least point or we love to meet our ultimate enemy, Extinction!? The choice is always ours. To continue the human journey, we must protect all the life forms, save the nature.


3 thoughts on “Slaughtering of Biological Diversity

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